The Love Between release debut single ‘Believe It’

The Love Between

The Love Between have released their debut single Believe It, which is lifted from the upcoming full-length ‘Lowering the Highs’ slated for release in the fall. Clocking in at just under two and a half minutes, it’s gritty and fuzzy, with an upbeat vibe. It’s a perfect little slice of authentic UK shoegaze mixed with American indie rock; it’s an amazing debut track. Think of a collaboration between Kevin Shields, Jason Pierce and Bob Mould that took the best of each of their styles – this would be Believe It. Watch the “lyric” video via YouTube below.

Who are The Love Between? Evan Sue-Ping and Scott Warren of The Love Between were friends and contemporaries since they met in 1996 as active members of Toronto’s burgeoning indie scene. It never occurred to the two to collaborate, although maybe it was a case of hectic lives and schedules. All of that changed in the summer of 2015.

Warren had been concentrating on his band Bronx Cheerleader’s third album. With his writing and recording duties completed, some free time was available for Warren to turn his attentions to a new project. Sue-Ping was in the midst of the breakup of his former band, My Pet Genius, and was in need of a little musical levity. The timing seemed right. All it took was 20 years.

As the two now reside in different cities (Toronto and St. Catharines respectively), they exchanged files on-line to get ideas flowing. A first for both, they were surprised at how organically the project came together. Originally conceived as an EP, the two soon found that they had more than enough material for a full length.

Rounding out the line-up is bassist Andre Skinner (Slow Death Lights), who also served as the album’s producer, and drummer Marshall Bureau (Matt Barber, Great Lake Swimmers.)

With ‘Lowering the Highs’ planned for release in the fall, The Love Between will be playing live at the NAC (Niagara Artists Centre) in St. Catharines on Friday, September 30. They’ll be announcing more shows once the album is released.