Luna release ‘Long Players: ’92 – ’99’ their 6 LP boxed set


LunaIn 1992, Dean Wareham followed the posthumous buzz of Galaxie 500 by forming a new band: Luna. Initially joined by Justin Harwood (of the Chills) and Stanley Demeski (of the Feelies), the group went on to sign to Elektra Records, tour with the Velvet Underground, collaborate with Tom Verlaine and Sterling Morrison and ultimately release five stunning albums over the course of the 90’s.

Deemed “the best band you’ve never heard of” by Rolling Stone, Luna remained under the radar for most of their career despite gathering a rabid cult following. It’s not hard to see why this is the case, as the three albums featuring the original lineup (plus guitarist Sean Eden on the latter two) act as a perfect synthesis of the members past bands, blending the simplicity of Galaxie, the heavenly pop melodies of the Chills and the quick and intensely precise drumming of the Feelies into one fluid package.

Luna Long Players: '92 - '99The band have released a retrospective box set ‘Long Players: ’92 – ’99’ via Captured Tracks (its out now). The box set gathers together those five albums from the 90’s, ‘Lunapark’ (1992), ‘Bewitched’ (1994), ‘Penthouse’ (1995), ‘Pup Tent’ (1997), and ‘The Days of Our Nights’ (1999) plus exclusive to the box set is a sixth LP entitled ‘Rarities,’ a compilation of demos and B-sides recorded contemporaneously. Accompanying the records is a 12×12 book featuring archival imagery, an interview with Dean Wareham conducted by Noah Baumbach and an oral history with the band and their producers, all housed in a beautiful textured canvas box. As the majority of these records were never released on vinyl outside of limited pressings, this is a boon to longtime fans and new listeners alike.

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