Lyfe Indoors shares dreamscape single ‘Binary Crime’

Life Indoors press photo

Avant-Garde artist Lyfe Indoors has shared dreamscape single Binary Crime. Lyfe Indoors has been an emerging indie artist scene favorite since the birth of the bedroom project in 2014. Poetic lyricism, esoteric and alluring imagery and a sound that melts pop, shoegaze and synth into a transportive listen.  After a brief hiatus, he has returned with Binary Crime is the first single lifted from an upcoming (TBD) new collection of tracks. 

About the single, Lyfe Indoors said “Binary Crime is a tune I wrote when feeling a bit lost in technology.  Post-covid, it’s a lot easier to be numb to everything online.  That’s difficult and I wanted to make a song that exemplified that.  The lyrics are up for interpretation but at the end of it, everything is just 1’s and 0’s”. Listen to Binary Crime via YouTube below or by other methods here.

More about Lyfe Indoors

Inspired by the dream-pop and new wave sounds of the pre-2000s, and while continuing down the path of “made in your bedroom” production – Lyfe Indoors takes a more atmospheric approach. The solo project has continued to slowly gain traction with those who see fit since it’s initial establishment in late 2014. To date, the bedroom project has released several EPs and singles met with underground praise. Completely self-released, and completely straight-to-listener, Lyfe Indoors takes no shortcuts. Only paths that feel right.

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