Marnie shares new track ‘Lost Maps’


MarnieMarnie (aka Helen Marnie the frontwoman in Ladytron) has shared a new track titled Lost Maps, which is lifted from her album ‘Strange Words and Weird Wars,’ out on 2nd June 2017 via Disco Piñata. You can watch the emotionally charged video for Lost Maps below.

Comprised of ten pulsating tracks, ‘Strange Words And Weird Wars’ showcases the most impressive elements of Marnie’s incarnation as a solo artist along with those that made her band, Ladytron, one of the most respected pioneers in electronic music; soul crushing synths are wonderfully accented by hook-laden choruses as Marnie boldly explores up-tempo electro dream-pop. The album is on iTunes pre-order, and you will instantly receive Lost Maps, Alphabet Block now and Electric Youth on May 12.

The ability to effortlessly play with genres becomes more and more apparent as you work your way through what is such a sonically impressive record. Tracks such as album opener, the unashamedly melodic Alphabet Block, nods to contemporary electro-pop artists. While Electric Youth channels 80’s mall pop, think Pat Benatar via M83, a glorious guilty pleasure and one of the stand-out tracks on the album, introspection comes in the form of the shoegaze-inspired A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, giving the air of an unreleased b-side from a cult vampire movie. And while the new single Lost Maps should be heard on dancefloors around the world, Summer Boys echoes the hazy days of summer, dreaming big whilst reading stolen Mills & Boons books.

Having moved back to Glasgow in September 2012 after many years living in London, Marnie continued to write music following the success of her solo project and subsequent album release in 2013. Influenced by life, love, loss, politics and all things 80’s pop, Marnie has created an album that has an intelligence and a depth behind what, on the surface, is a melodic contemporary pop record.

Marnie Strange Words and Weird Wars cover

‘Strange Words and Weird Wars’ tracklisting

01. Alphabet Block here
02. Bloom
04. Electric Youth
05. A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
06. Lost Maps
07. Summer Boys
08. Little Knives
09. Invisible Girl
10. Heartbreak Kid


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