Melbourne’s Oceans shares shoegaze gem ‘Break My Fall’

Oceans press photo
Photo credit: Michelle Grace Hunder

Earlier this year, Melbourne’s Thomas Lee launched his debut solo project Oceans, offering a fusion of shoegaze and ambient electronic soundscapes on his first single Come So Far. With a promise of future releases to come shortly thereafter and an EP on the near horizon, Oceans has announced that his anticipated EP ‘Come So Far’ will be with us Thursday May 27th. To celebrate the news and to tide us over in the meantime, Oceans has shared another choice cut from the release with his cacophonous sophomore single Break My Fall.

Sequentially Break My Fall picks up where its predecessor and EP title track left off, but here we see Lee switching out the subdued for the saturated; incorporating heavier rock elements on its reverb-drenched descendent. Craftily deploying his multi-instrumentalist background, Tom explores the various timbres of guitar, piano and programmed drum machines, layering vintage analogue synthesizers and boutique guitar pedals in a distinct sound that is at once a dreamy introspection and a sensory awakening.

About the single, Lee said, “Break My Fall was a last minute addition to the EP which came out from a jam prior to the studio sessions. Normally I’d write songs in the small hours of the night, obsessing over every detail so it was incredibly liberating having this song come about organically. The song actually started out as a joke with my drummer but kept coming back to that chorus riff and eventually wrote a song around it. The song is a real throwback to the classic shoegaze sound of the 90s with fuzzed out guitars, whispery vocals and simple but timeless snare fills. Break my fall is about having someone in your life support you through your ups and downs and makes sense of the world despite all your insecurities.” Listen to Break My Fall via Bandcamp below.

From countless nights spent layering sonic textures, to days filled with creating nostalgic soundscapes with a modern twist, Ocean’s debut EP ‘Come So Far’ is an ambient trip of all out bliss. Expect to hear dreamy pads overlaid with roaring guitars and whispery vocal harmonies singing ballads of love, loss and letting go of the past.

The Break My Fall single is out now via Ditto
You can stream it here: Spotify / iTunes / Apple Music

Oceans Come So Far EP cover artwork

Come So Far’ EP track listing

1. Come So Far
2. Break My Fall
3. Back To The Start 
4. Disappearing

‘Come So Far’ EP is out Thursday May 27 via Ditto

Gearing up for his anticipated EP release date, Tom has teamedup with a band oflike-minded shoegaze lovers and is preparing to take Oceans to the stage to launch the EP at The Tote in Melbourne on the same day as its release, Thursday May 27 with a support to be announced.

EP launch show details
The Tote, Melbourne
Thursday May 27
Presale: $7 + BF
On the door: $10
Support: TBC
Tickets on sale now via The Tote

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