Midwife + Vyva Melinkolya share ‘Miss America’ single

Midwife + Vyva Melinkolya
Photo Credit: Jon McWilliams.

As they prepare for the release of their synergistic new album ‘Orbweaving,’ Madeline Johnston (Midwife) and Angel Diaz (Vyva Melinkolya) have shared the second single Miss America. The haunting new track features gorgeously layered instrumentals backed by ghostly vocals. It sparkles and smoulders, and receives a complementary video treatment from Johnston. Watch Miss America via YouTube below

Madeline and Angel became close friends in 2020, each regarding the other as a lifeline when things were difficult in their personal lives. This friendship was born from music but quickly became so much more. The two met in person in 2021, when Angel came for a recording residency at Madeline’s studio in New Mexico. It was during this session that they wrote and recorded ‘Orbweaving,’ in the heat of summer in the arid Chihuahuan Desert. 

‘Orbweaving’ combines the best parts of Midwife’s Heaven Metal and Vyva Melinkolya’s sentimental, classic shoegaze in a way that distinctively elevates both artists. The record explores themes hopelessness, calling on a higher power, being alone, and the sublime horror of the natural world. ‘Orbweaving’ seeks to thematically and sonically create a web like structure – a gauze of sorrow and visceral connective thread.

Orbweaving cover artwork

Orbweaving’ track listing

1. Miss America

2. Hounds of Heaven 

3. NMP 

4. Plague X

5. Orbweaving 

‘Orbweaving’ will be released May 12th on The Flenser and physical pre-orders can be found here, digital pre-order/pre-save is here.

Revisit the first single NMP via YouTube.

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