Milan Reid releases new album ‘Memory Failure’

Milan Reid Memory Failure cover

Milan Reid has released his second album, ‘Memory Failure’ via Face For Radio. His first album, ‘London,’ was written and recorded in seven days in an apartment in London using whatever he had to hand at the time. The new album goes in a very different direction from the previous, moving from a lo-fi indie sound to a more complex, electronic sound making use of interesting harmonies, more traditional percussion, a more measured (occasionally ambient) pace. Take a listen to the album via Bandcamp below.

Milan Reid was born in Liverpool England (1999) & currently resides in Manchester.

He has been playing instruments from the age of 7, building a catalogue of influences from a wide array of musicians & genres from electronic to alternative to classical to jazz. Although he has been making music for many years-being in bands since 13 & working on solo projects since 16- his new album ‘Memory Failure’ is his first real foray into a more clearly electronic sound.

‘Memory Failure’ was released on January 25, 2018 via Itunes, Spotify, Google Play + Bandcamp