MISZCZYK shares new single ‘End Credits’

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MISZCZYK (pronounced “Miz-Chik”), the eclectic project of producer/sound-designer, Nyles Miszczyk, has shared End Credits (feat. The Space Lady), the final track to be lifted from his debut album, ‘Thyrsis of Etna‘ which is out ow via We Are Time (Motorists, Chandra). The project has found support so far from The FADER, Brooklyn Vegan, FLOOD, KCRW, Cool Hunting, Exclaim and more with Nyles acting as host to a string of fascinating guests including (but not limited to) Laetitia Sadier (of Stereolab), Pylon’s Vanessa Briscoe Hay, Chandra Oppenheim, Marker Starling, Chad VanGaalen, Nigerian rapper, NAI. and many more.

End Credits features vocals from the enigmatic cult hero, The Space Lady (aka Susan Dietrich Schneider) who here seamlessly ties her intergalactic tones with MISZCZYK’s otherworldly, wonky electronica. Arriving with a video compiled from found footage on the internet, “End Credits” provides a fitting album-closer on ‘Thyrsis of Etna,’ sealing the record in its own idiosyncratic, spellbinding world.

Speaking about the new single, Nyles says: “When Susan agreed to feature on one of my songs, I was over the moon. I’d been a HUGE Space Lady fan for over a decade at that point, so for me, it was a dream come true. When we first spoke she wanted to clarify that her body of work was mainly covers, and asked if I could write the lyrics for her to sing. After passing some ideas back and forth, we ended up writing the lyrics together!! I couldn’t believe it! What a rare treat to write a song with someone as massively talented as The Space Lady!!!”

Watch the video for End Credits (feat. The Space Lady) via YouTube below.

After receiving the contributions from featuring artists, the studio surgery phase is where MISZCZYK was in his element. Inspired by maverick producers such as Geoff Barrow, Conny Plank, and Bruiser Brigade’s Raphy, he fused analog and electronic sources to achieve the otherworldly sounds in his head. “Process music really excites me,” says MISZCZYK. “I love getting hands-on with the medium, recording to a four-track, then overdubbing slick-sounding digital effects. Or recording a snare, dubbing it onto a cassette, and then back into my computer. I’ve even bounced vocals through a minidisc.”

During his formative years as a beatmaker, MISZCZYK’s projects included the hip-hop group Bread & Water, featuring a teenage Shad. Years later, while working as an in-house engineer at Toronto’s Royal Mountain Records, MISZCZYK produced hyperactive indie rock band Hollerado, legendary proto-punks Simply Saucer, and garage rock hero Mark “BBQ” Sultan. Buy him a drink and he’ll tell you about the time he recorded The Pixies. 

These days, MISZCZYK has switched his focus to teaching university sound design courses, while performing as the bassist with New York post-punk icon CHANDRA. His fingerprints can be found on countless releases, yet nothing could have anticipated ‘Thyrsis of Etna,’ featuring artists as far-flung as France, Nigeria, and Athens, Georgia. “I was excited to work with people from all walks of life, all over the world,” says MISZCZYK. “With the connectivity that we have now, this album feels like a global village.” 

Thyrsis of Etna cover artwork

‘Thyrsis of Etna’ track listing

1. In The Dark (ft. Laetitia Sadier)
2. Bad Ride (ft. Chandra Oppenheim)
3. Runaway, I Age (ft. NAI)
4. The Garden (ft. Vanessa Briscoe Hay)
5. Automatic Shock (ft. Joseph Brooks Organ)
6. Led Astray (ft. Jeremy Singer)
7. The Doorway (ft. New Chance)
8. The Leaves (ft. Marker Starling)
9. On Zuma Beach (ft. Corey Hernden)
10. Nautilus (ft. Brodie Murdoch)
11. Immediate Needs (ft. Simon Oates)
12. Lunar Days (ft. Craig Fahner)
13. Pantin (ft. Allumette)
14. The Ecstatic Dance (ft. Bile Sister)
15. New for Old (ft. Colin Lloyd Tucker)
16. End Credits (ft. The Space Lady)

Order ‘Thyrsis of Etna’ here

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