Mogi Grumbles revisits Escape From New York

Mogi Grumbles

‘I Heard You Were Dead’ is an original re-score of the movie Escape from New York (1981), composed by Mogi Grumbles, musical alias of Ann Arbor, MI native Alex Taam. The album we be out March 18, 2014 via Moodgadget. And, just in case you have been living under a rock, here’s the original Escape From New York trailer below.

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Now, take a listen to ‘I Heard You Were Dead’ via Soundcloud below.

In 2011, Taam asked the question, “What if Daft Punk had composed the soundtrack to the original Tron, and not its sequel?” The answer was “End of Line.” Two years later, he turned his attention to John Carpenter’s cult classic, this time posing a much simpler question, “Why not?” After amassing a collection of synths authentic to the period, Taam was inspired to compose something that was both classic and modern. “Operation Black Light” is sleek and stealthy, propelled by a bassline that whirs like a Blackhawk helicopter blade. “Mac 10” is the sound of bombast, a grenade that’s just gone off with shrapnel bouncing everywhere. A re-cut of the film, by editor Christian Silbereis featuring the Mogi Grumbles re-score is available as a companion piece for your enjoyment.

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