MS MR release new EP via Tumblr

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MS MR release their new 4-track EP ‘Candy Bar Creep Show’ on October 22, 2012 via Tumblr. The New York based duo is the first band ever to release an EP of all original material exclusively through Tumblr, with one track released weekly during September at The EP will then be fully available via iTunes and on limited edition 7” vinyl.

Release schedule for the ‘Candy Bar Creep Show’
1. Bones (available on Tumblr from September 4th)
2. Hurricane (Tumblr from September 10th)
3. Dark Doo Wop (Tumblr from September 17th)
4. Ash Tree Lane (Tumblr from September 24th)

They will post a track once a week through September along with artwork, a video, and an official remix (starting today, and then each Monday for the next three weeks). The first song is the lead track Bones – this is a dark, yet catchy track with pounding drums and squealing synths. You can watch the video for Bones below via Vimeo.

Bones from MS MR on Vimeo.

MS MR connect their highly adrenalized music and incredible vocals with visuals via video, artwork and online. MS MR say “It’s no secret we have something of a sweet spot for Tumblr. We like to think of it as a cultural collage and feel like it’s the perfect platform for what we want to present with this EP. It has been such an incredible source of inspiration and support, and so in return we wanted to first share the music with the very community that helped create its visual identity”

MS MR also play their first UK live shows in September:

Sept 8 @ Bestival
Sept 12 @ Birthdays in Dalston
Sept 13 @ The Barfly

For more information on MS MR, visit them on Tumblr or the Web.


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