Music addiction: Ladytron Best Of 00-10

Ladytron Best Of 00-10

On March 29th, Ladytron will release a ‘best of’ album showcasing their releases since 2001’s ‘604’. They have been trailblazers in electronic music circles and have released 4 studio albums and a number of remixes.

With the release of 2005’s ‘Witching Hour’, Destroy Everything You Touch brought them a new extended fanbase and introduced a slight change in musical direction.

The ‘best of’ is definitely not their swan song, and they have announced they will be releasing a new album with a more ‘mature sound’. If their past releases are any indication of the quality, any change in the Ladytron sound will be fine with me.

You can check out some tracks from the Best Of Ladytron 00-10 on Soundcloud. There are 2 new tracks included with the release – Little Black Angel and Ace of Hz.

Standard track listing:

1. Destroy Everything You Touch
2. International Dateline
3. Seventeen
4. Discotraxx
5. Tomorrow
6. Soft Power
7. Ghosts
8. Fighting In Built Up Areas
9. Playgirl
10. Blue Jeans
11. Cracked LCD
12. Deep Blue
13. Light & Magic
14. Runaway
15. The Last One Standing
16. Little Black Angel
17. Ace of Hz

The deluxe edition adds a second disc and features an additional 16 tracks & 80-page photo booklet.

Disc 1:

Same as standard version

Disc 2:
1. The Reason Why
2. Whitelightgenerator
3. Mu-tron
4. Black Plastic
5. The Way That I Found You
6. True Mathematics
7. High Rise
8. Black Cat
9. Another Breakfast With You
10. USA vs. White Noise
11. Commodore Rock
12. Evil
13. Beauty*2
14. Season Of Illusions
15. Versus
16. All The Way

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