Music Video Addiction: Sunday October 9, 2011 edition

Music Video Addiction

This is the official Thanksgiving edition of the weekly music video picks – that’s right, it’s Canadian Thanksgiving which is like American Thanksgiving, just earlier in the year and without Turducken. I attempted to find turkey related videos, but that didn’t work, so we will just go with good old music videos.

Fucked Up: Do You Feed? – ‘faked out’ band video by the innovators in Fucked Up.

DJ Shadow: Border Crossing – his super heavy, hard rockesque new video.

The Big Pink: Stay Gold – a new track that sounds like their old tracks.

Plaid: At Last – very cool track and animated video.

Data Romance: The Deep – stunning video and cool dance moves.

Joy Division: Atmosphere – amazing classic track to end this edition.

If I don’t go into a turkey induced coma, there will be more music video picks next Sunday.

Cameron from Culture Addicts

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