Nasty Wizard release Asian electronic VHS compilation

Asian Electronic VHS Compilation

Nasty Wizard Recordings are celebrating the glorious medium of the VHS tape with a compilation of electronic artists from China and South Korea. Combining some of the most exciting purveyors of glitchy sounds and hard hitting beats in East Asia with static drenched visuals seemed like the perfect stocking filler for a label that has so far dabbled in CDs, tapes, floppy disks, and dark matter (the last one might not be true). Yet despite the backdated format (which comes packaged with a download code for all the content) this line up is no lame duck, featuring music videos from Goooooose, Last Boss, Loads Nothing, Fløøød, Noise Arcade, and GUIGUISUISUI from China, and TENGGER and Yamagata Tweakster from South Korea. Watch the trailer via Youtube below.

You can listen to the audio here:

The release will be commemorated with a night of glitch’d visuals and dank beats at Dada, the Mecca for alternative electronic music in Beijing. The event will kick off with a screening of the VHS comp in all its lo-fi glory and then performances from Huang Jin, Wavwave, Noise Arcade, and 4 Channels Club shaking the walls, as well as tape DJ sets from Nasty Wizard’s go-to selectors GUIGZ and Fancy Hobo.

Asian Electronic VHS CompilationNasty Wizard Recordings has established a practice of curating releases that combine audio and visual art across borders, for example the Holy Hum/Lobekraft split that took music from Canada and China and combined it with artwork from South Korea via the USA. This VHS compilation is an extension of that, with the music of each of these electronic acts being paired with a music video of their choosing, in a manner that harks back to early music videos from the likes of David Bowie and Devo. In a similar way to how audio cassettes can add a certain warmth/charm/shittiness to the work committed to them, VHS tapes give a certain aesthetic appeal that is often copied but never fully replicated.

The compilation itself is dubbed over Chinese films and TV shows that are mostly pretty terrible, but give a unique twist as every copy of the compilation is taped over a different substandard feature, meaning no two copies are the same. The cover artwork of the tape was designed by Beijing based American visual artist Nick Sanders, who has shown work in numerous shows around the Chinese capital.

Physical copies of the compilation will be available for sale at the December 21 release, with copies being smuggled internationally aboard pirate ships to far flung lands where people still own and use VHS players.

More info about the artists on the compilation?

Noise Aracade:
Yamagata Tweakster: