NEEDS share ‘Everybody Makes me Steaks’ video

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NEEDSNEEDS have shared their new track and video for ‘Everybody Makes me Steaks’. Check it out via YouTube below.

‘Everybody Makes me Steaks’ started off as a poem. They wanted to make a different sounding song in the vein of TV Freaks. There’s a reference to Agate Beach which is in northern California where they stopped on the way down the first time. The title is a reference to Sean from the band’s first ever solo exhibition where he presented London Drugs contact sheets blown up and encased in lucite. On the opposite wall, he wrote ‘Everybody Makes me Steaks.’ it was meant to defy the dominant narrative of Vancouver school photography that looks for the ‘perfect photograph.’ By showing the contact prints you could see all of my mistakes as well as the process.

The song is rich in visual narrative and they wanted to complement that with an homage to 90s shoegaze videos, but, as with everything we do, we wanted to keep it light, event though it’s basically a song about how much his body hurts all the time.

It was recorded at Rain City Studios with Jesse Gander (Baptists, Japandroids, ANCIIENTS).

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