New release: Jacaszek – Glimmer

by Basia Jacaszek

For the past decade or so, Polish musician Michal Jacaszek has been exploring a modern chapter in Eastern Europe’s long love affair with classical music. His songs are painstakingly crafted collages of electronic textures and baroque instrumentation.

jacaszek Glimmer coverJacaszek’s latest album, ‘Glimmer,’ is marked by a noticeable battle between melancholy and beauty, like it’s hovering in some gaseous grey area between both. “I tried again to create some fragile beauty glimmering behind the veil of reality,” he says. “I built a kind of curtain out of dirts and fuzzes, and used pure sound of clarinet and harpsichord playing beautiful melodies as a contrast to its harshness.”  This winking, push-and-pull tension runs deep and constant throughout the 40-odd-minute journey to the end. Glimmer is, quite simply, an album that’s easy to get lost in without being easy to ignore. Don’t expect any eyelid drooping while it’s on.

‘Glimmer’ is available on LP / CD / Digital via Ghostly International on December 6, 2011. The track listing is as follows:

01. Goldengrove
02. Dare-gale
03. Pod Światło
04. Evening Strains To Be Time’s Vast
05. Seiden Stille
06. What Wind-Walks Up Above!
07. Only Not Within Seeing Of The Sun
08. As Each Tucked String Tells
09. Windhover

Listen to Jacaszek: Dare-Gale via Soundcloud below.

Check out Jacaszek on tour now.
10.05 Gdynia, PL @ TRANSVIZUALIA
11.24 Berlin, DE @ C3 FESTIVAL
11.26 Essen, DE @ C3 FESTIVAL
12.01 Gdańsk, PL @ GDAŃSK

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