Nicolas Godin shares ‘Catch Yourself Falling’ video featuring vocals by Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor

Photo credit: Camille Vivier

Air’s Nicolas Godin has shared a beguiling video for Catch Yourself Falling, one of the standout tracks lifted from his ‘Concrete and Glass’ album, which features Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip on vocals.

The video was filmed in the gardens and alleys Palace of Versailles and features a goofy young king roaming the gardens and generally surveying his kingdom. Of the video director Joseph Bird says: “I had heard Nicolas grew up in Versailles then all I could imagine when listening to the track is a young boy exploring the gardens of the Palace of Versailles, then to make him a young king with red hair sounded even better!” Watch the video clip via YouTube below.

In its soft ambient pulse and melting minimalism, lead track The Border is a perfect entry-point to Godin’s hymns to buildings, arranged and co-produced with Pierre Rousseau. Elsewhere, current single The Foundation, which features guest vocals from Cola Boyy sees the Oxnard singer and activist brings soul to the righteously engaged track whilst the squelchy synths and buoyant grooves burn slow, allowing the stealthy arrangements and message room to resonate.

While Godin’s vocoder vocals also hark back to Air’s early work, the album accommodates a diverse spread of guest vocalists. Psychedelic soul singer Kadhja Bonet sings with measured serenity over tremulous synths on We Forgot Love, while Russian experi-pop artist Kate NV brings a gracefully aching romanticism to the blissful swoon-pop of Back to Your Heart. Additionally, Australian conceptual provocateur Kirin J Callinan contributes a vocal of restrained drama to Time On My Hands, a midnight-drift soft-pop ballad with a silky allure.

Between its title-track and the sultry, smoky jazz stylings of closer Cité Radieuse, ‘Concrete and Glass’ is an album that truly travels, in tune with its global pitch. For Godin, it marks another milestone in a musical journey that began when Air’s 1998 debut album, ‘Moon Safari,’ became the sublimely weightless soundtrack of its time. For ‘Concrete and Glass,’ Godin builds on his storied past with tremendous finesse, charm and fluency, opening fresh windows of perspective at every lovingly executed turn.

Godin recently shared two superb remixes of The Border, the first by Pierre Rousseau and the other by Mick Starwood. Listen here

Nicolas Godin Concrete and Glass cover artwork

‘Concrete and Glass‘ tracklist
1. Concrete and Glass
2. Back To Your Heart ft. Kate NV
3. We Forgot Love ft. Kadjha Bonet
4. What Makes Me Think About You
5. Time On My Hands ft. Kirin J Callinan
6. The Foundation ft. Cola Boyy
7. Catch Yourself Falling ft. Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip)
8. The Border
9. Turn Right Turn Left
10. Cité Radieuse

Concrete and Glass‘ is out now via Because Music.

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