Night Sins return with synth pop album ‘Portrait in Silver’

Night Sins

From the shadows of a dark sonic past comes a bright new day for Night Sins, the Philadelphia-based project of singer-songwriter Kyle Kimball. After two years of silence, Kimball dusts the cobwebs from his undead body of work to release ‘Portrait in Silver,’ the fourth full-length under the Night Sins moniker. 

For those who have followed Kimball from his new grave to London, the lake, and beyond, ‘Portrait in Silver’ may come as a bit of a surprise. Replacing the Eldritch croons and gloomy dirges, which have long defined the Night Sins sound, are hushed vocals and upbeat rhythms more akin to ‘Violator’ than ‘Floodland‘. 
The transition from goth rock to full-on synth pop has been a long time coming for Kimball. While his earlier work was primarily driven by guitar and bass lines, the underlying presence of synths has gradually risen closer to the surface with each release. And with the glistening pop of ‘Portrait in Silver,’ Night Sins shines in a whole new light.

Check out the video for Annihilator, which is lifted from the album via YouTube below.

‘Portrait in Silver’ is out now via Funeral Party Records. Grab it here.

Night Sins Portrait in Silver album image