Night Tongue premiere new album ‘The Stag King’

Night Tongue press photo

Australian darkwave duo Night Tongue have released their debut LP, ‘The Stag King,‘ and shared a full album premiere via The Big Takeover. Leading up to the album premiere, the band teased ‘The Stag King’ with singles The Flood and Drift.

“The album transfixes from the start,” The Big Takeover adds in their premiere. “Night Tongue create a mythic and atmospheric world of romance, sex, death, horror, and ecstasy.”

Following the fantastical-heavy ‘Achelous + Melpomene‘ EP, members Carisa Bianca Mellado and Andrew Dalziell once again looked to mythology for inspiration on their debut LP, continuing to explore the greater metaphors between the mythology and personal life.

“The cycles of nature are represented through the Triple Moon Goddess of life, death and rebirth and the Stag God as he crosses the seasons of birth, fertility, death and renewal,” the band says in a press release. “This is heard as lovers meet, connect, devour, lose, go through the dark and are reborn on a higher level. This album is about love fundamentally, but it really is about searching for the eternal space of that, through all seasons, life and beyond death.”


1. The Flood
2. Blueblood
3. Tongue
4. Swarm
5. The Trees
6. Drift

‘The Stag King’ is out digitally now, followed by a vinyl release in 2020.