Night Tongue share new single ‘The Flood’

Night Tongue
Photo Credit: Suzy Poling

Following last year’s ‘Achelous + Melpomene EP,’ Australian darkwave duo Night Tongue have shared the the video for the first single lifted from their upcoming LP, ‘The Stag King,’ which will be out on October 11th.

You can watch the “forebodingly noir” video for The Flood via YouTube below.

Filmed on a wintry night on the beaches and highways of the Pacific Palisades, the video features gauzy cameos of members Carisa Bianca Mellado and Andrew Dalziell in ominous, Twin Peaks-nodding terror.

“The chilling video mirrors the song in its haunting and crepuscular atmosphere,” RN writer Jen Dan raves, “[but] the song itself mesmerizes, slowly unfolding with a gradual drum beat… burning guitar lines, spectral electronics, and Mellado’s slightly anxious and murmured, ethereal vocals.”

The band additionally opened up about the single and upcoming album in an interview with Jammerzine editor Ryan Martin last week.

“It’s sort of like this jumping-off point for the album where you are getting ready to jump into the waves, into the darkness, into the flood,” Mellado told Jammerzine.

“[When] I recorded the vocals, I was staying in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. A lot of people lived there, but it was really quiet, so I had to record my voice in this very secret, vulnerable way. I think that expresses the song’s themes of vulnerability against the overwhelming nature of love.” 

The Flood is out now via Spotify and Apple Music. The album ‘The Stag King’ arrives October 11th followed by a vinyl release in 2020.