Nothing Natural release ‘NN’ EP

Nothing Natural press photo

Oakland band Nothing Natural has released their debut cassette EP titled ‘NN’. Featuring the singles Ride and Alright, the EP pays homage to 90’s shoegaze and post-grunge alt-rock. Nothing Natural features members of Bay Area favourites Aluminum and Parallel. Listen via SoundCloud below or at Bandcamp.

Nothing Natural is a Bay Area alt-rock outfit formed by guitarist/vocalist Austin Montanari (Aluminum), bassist/vocalist Kristen Addison (Parallel), drummer Dylan Lockey (Pllush) and guitarist Marc Leyda (Aluminum). The group formed in Oakland, CA in 2020 and has been performing live for the past year.

Drawing inspiration from shoegaze and post-hardcore, ‘NN’ delivers riff driven songwriting with infectious dual vocal harmonies and chorus drenched leads. This self-titled EP is their first recording project as a full band, featuring 5 new tracks and 2 re-recordings of previously released home demos.

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