The Nursery releases ‘Everybody’s Famous’

The Nursery

The Nursery was started by Alex Pulec (ex-Ruby Spirit) and Victor Ess in 2013 who both attended and quit York University’s music program together in Toronto, Canada. Inspired by the current post-internet music landscape and a steady diet of early electro, punk and English glam rock records, they quickly began building the pieces of a vibrant set of songs. They soon teamed up with synth enthusiast Jared Roth and drummer Josh English from New York and started writing with a post-modern pop sensibility.

“dramatic”, “synth pop” “dreamlike” and “new new wave” are all words that have been used to describe the band’s hard-to-define sound. Lyrically spinning conversational quips that tap into the human condition of living in 2016, exploring life’s contradictions while getting pulled between pure joy and sheer dread.

Alex explains: “‘Everybody’s Famous’ is a song about the manic and warped motivations of seeking validation through inauthentic means. Social tools are continually serving as a painkiller to pacify this twisted need to elevate our social statues to unrealistic heights. Media like TMZ and the paparazzi before them created a culture where it didn’t matter what you did as long as you were seen doing it. Fame is usually the by-product of being remarkable at something – It should never be the goal. If the deaths and destroyed lives of any of our beloved past stars can teach us anything about this, it’s that mass validation is not something to be romanticized, celebrated or healthy to strive for.”

They have now teamed up with IMPOSE Magazine to premiere Everybody’s Famous, which is lifted from their upcoming album ‘Life After Wartime’ due for release fall of 2016.