NYC’s Älägator shares video for ‘Kuutamo yö’’

Älägator Press photo

New York City’s Älägator has shared their video for Kuutamo yö’. Friend Club Records are set to release the band’s 90s slowcore influenced debut EP, ‘Unen Syvyydessä,’ on August 7 on limited edition red cassette. Purchase the EP here. Watch the video clip for Kuutamo yö’ via YouTube below.

For the unindoctrinated, in a world full of European bands that sing in English, New York City’s Älägator flips the script, writing Finnish-language tunes for polite but confused American audiences.

Formed in 2016 in Edinburgh, UK by Jemina Amunet and Nate Wagner, Älägator have honed their ’90s-influenced slowcore sound across various locations in Finland and the continental U.S. in the intervening years. With the help of Andrew Scott (bass, synth, mixing/mastering) and Adam Fenton (drums), Älägator is proud to present their debut EP ‘Unen Syvyydessä’ (“In the Depths of a Dream”).

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