Parenthetical Girls announce new album ‘Privilege’ + DVD

Parenthetical Girls

Parenthetical Girls have revealed details on their latest album, ‘Privilege,’ which will be out on Feb. 19, 2013 via Slender Means Society / Marriage on CD/DVD,  LP/DVD, and Digital.

‘Privilege’ showcases a newly revived Parenthetical Girls giving their orchestra a leave of absence showing a brazen reinvention of the band. Returning to its core membership of vocalist/creative director Zac Pennington and producer/arranger Jherek Bischoff (composer and collaborator with David Byrne, Amanda Palmer, Xiu Xiu, etc.), ‘Privilege’ retains the group’s signature sound which is anchored by Pennington’s distinct vocals. Watch the video for The Privilege via YouTube below.
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Originally recorded and self-released as a series of five self-contained, limited edition 12″ EPs. ‘Privilege’ condenses the 21 recordings of the original series to a single, 12-track, remixed and remastered collection of tracks.

 Track list:
1. Evelyn McHale
2. The Common Touch
3. Careful Who You Dance With
4. For All The Final Girls
5. The Pornographer
6. Sympathy For Spastics
7. Weaknesses
8. A Note To Self
9. Young Throats
10. On Death & Endearments
11. The Privilege
12. Curtains

plus: DVD featuring 7 promotional films, blood draw documentation, live performances, & other ephemera

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