Partner share new single + video ‘Time Is A Car’

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Partner are back with a new single and video Time Is A Car. It is a new single for a new era as we enter 2022 and the youngest member of Partner (Josée Caron) enters her 30s. This single follows Partner’s Never Give Up (You’ve Changed Records) and their break out debut album, ‘In Search of Lost Time’. Watch the Time Is A Car video clip via YouTube below.

A Message from Partner: “This is a song that we wrote while reflecting on the years that have passed and the way that the passing of time offers fresh perspectives. Fittingly enough it’s ready just in time for us to present it to you on Josée’s 30th birthday. Time sure does fly!!

We had a distinct idea for the visual accompaniment to this track and we knew there was one person who could bring it to light; our beloved and frequent collaborator Lesley Marshall. However, when we were informed that the time to make a video was upon us, it seemed close to impossible that we would be able to make the trip to meet with her. While she is close to our hearts, we were separated by 4580km (2845 miles for our USA/UK friends). However, Lesley and the team at MAVN thankfully remained undaunted by such concerns. The result is one of our very favourite videos to date.” – 

“Time Is A Car is a meta music video. A music video in a music video. It’s what would have happened if Thelma and Louise escaped with all the money and drove happily ever after off into the sunset and had wonderful prosperous lives. Fueled by music video epics, pulp films, and ripe with sarcasm, Time Is A Car, has the parody quality of Beastie Boys’ Sabotage and the vibrancy of Megan Thee Stalion’s Thot Sh*t.” explains Director Lesley Marshall

During a brief period in 2020 when it was safe to travel, the band headed to Gabriola Island on BC’s West Coast where they quarantined themselves for 14 days in a cabin writing and rehearsing, and then headed into the studio for 7 days at The Noise Floor Recording Studio. Time Is A Car is the first song from this session. More to come later in 2022.

Lucy and Josée formed Partner in the spring of 2014. They were looking to experiment with genre, discuss being gay, and share some jokes and ideas. Their objective has remained the same over the past seven years, although in that time their sound has shifted considerably.

Partner’s debut album ‘In Search of Lost Time’ (2017) made an impact with its big guitars and polished sound. The record, mixed by Chris Shaw (Ween, Bob Dylan, Cheap Trick), landed a spot on NPR’s All Songs Considered, along with Stereogum, Noisey, Exclaim, CBC Music, Indie 88 and many more best of 2017 lists. The album was shortlisted for the Polaris Prize, and Partner were the recipients of the SOCAN songwriting prize for their song Play the Field.

Partner’s follow-up EP ‘Saturday the 14th’ found the duo embarking on bolder and more playful compositional excursions. Throughout this highly experimental period, ideas for the next album began to coalesce. In the summer of 2019 Lucy and Josée joined all-star drummer Simone TB (US Girls, Highest Order, Darlene Shrugg) in the studio to create their second full-length album, titled ‘Never Give Up’. With ‘Never Give Up,’ Partner returned to their classic rock roots and awakened their truest gifts to deliver their most exciting, riff-laden effort yet. 

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