People Club share debut single ‘Better’

People Club press photo

People Club have shared their debut single/video for Better. The track glistens with slacker guitar hooks, swung beats and juicy synths. Check it out via YouTube below.

People Club are Sarah Martin (lead vocals), Saxon Vines (guitar/vocals), Ray Sonder (bass/vocals), Drew Deal (drums/percussion) and Pete Costello (synthesizer/keys/vocals). Although the members hail from the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia, they came together in Berlin, Germany in 2018 after meeting online via musician-search ads. The artists quickly bonded over a shared appreciation of soul music, and discussions of the activism and melodic sensibilities entrenched within the genre became a major inspiration for the band.

People Club’s resulting aesthetic blends lyrical social commentary with a classic, yet modernized soul ensemble. Their distinctive sound and energetic live shows have led to numerous shows in Berlin, as well as dates in the United Kingdom, Ireland and across Germany. Now, with their double A-side single released, People Club are preparing their debut EP, due out in November 2019. 

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