Pink Mexico share ‘Dungeonhead’ single

Pink Mexico press photo
Photo: Arvelisse Ruby Bonilla Ramos

NYC heavy pop project Pink Mexico announce their signing to Quiet Panic Records and share the single Dungeonhead. This single serves as a psych-fueled and reverb-juiced entry point into the uncertain world explored on the upcoming ‘Mirrorhead’ album, which arrives on May 19th. 

Discussing Dungeonhead, Pink Mexico’s Robert Preston Collum calls it “a track about never feeling comfortable in one’s own skin while reflecting on the obscurities of life during a time when the regular version of confusing and fucked up is even more fucked up and confusing”. Listen to Dungeonhead via SoundCloud below.

‘Mirrorhead’ is the first album release from Pink Mexico since 2020’s ‘Idiot Piss Illiterate’ (Broken Clover Records) and was written and recorded during the period that album was released.. While ‘Idiot Piss Illiterate’ rode on a frantic garage rock undercurrent, ‘Mirrorhead’ swaps ragged pace for bruising waves of heavy sound (Junkie Smile, Victimhead, Shame) interspersed with moments of stripped-back exposure (Fuck It I Quit, Muring Calm). The result is Pink Mexico’s most definite and tangible work. ‘Mirrorhead’ is not only a record but a recollection of memories and experiences embroidered through experimentation and through the reconstruction of self. Through the unknown, Collum revisited music writing and re-imagined his work, tracing a new and personal path.

‘Mirrorhead’ was produced, recorded, engineered and mixed by Jeremy Scott. Robert Preston Collum wrote all songs, sings, and plays drums, guitar & synth on the album. Additional tracking was provided by fellow band mates Grady Walker providing bass and Paul Blackwell on guitar.

Pink Mexico Mirrorhead cover artwork

‘Mirrorhead’ track list

1. Hot Air
2. Junkie Smile
3. Shame
4. Fuck It I Quit
5. Delete
6. …
7. Muring Calm
8. Dungeonhead
9. Stitches & Vicodin
10. Victimhead
11. Feeling Normal

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