Pizza Crunch release new single ‘Celexa’

Pizza Crunch press photo

Glasgow-based alternative band Pizza Crunch have released their new single, Celexa. You can listen to the track via YouTube below or through other methods at

Commenting on the track, which is laced with unforgettable lyrics, lead vocalist Ewan Hearns said: “Celexa was written during the first lockdown. Our bassist, Craig, came up with a rhythm riff, then I wrote the song around it. I thought it’d be a cool idea to write about a prescription drug as if it was a love interest. It was a route to highlighting dependency.

We recorded the song with Chris McCrory of Catholic Action before sending the track to Chris Marshall (Baby Strange, Gerry Cinnamon) to be mixed. We also recorded two other tunes at this session that we’re buzzing to release.

Celexa, and the other newer stuff, is an example of us honing in on our music. It feels natural and exactly how we want to sound. Lyrically, there are fewer instances of irony and humour than in the last few songs. Who knows, maybe I’m becoming more honest in my writing.”

Hailing from different ends of Scotland, Pizza Crunch couple an ’80s post-punk strut with glimpses of noughties nonchalance. Infectious guitar riffs and a relentless rhythm section accentuate lyricism, which moves between the obnoxiously wry and the potently gloomy. The blend of influences result in compelling verses culminating in melodic and expressive hooks.

After only a brief time together, the band headlined the renowned Club Sabbath in Glasgow before releasing three singles – Fraud, Twelve Month Seasonal Depression and Coma-Inducing Gibberish. Each track has received increasingly laudative attention from blogs, radio stations and promoters, with the groups’ music finding itself on BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio. The act’s rise also resulted in their signing to brand new indie/punk label Disobedient Records.

Prompt lyrical commentary that veers from the elucidation of sombre hedonism to trivialising the emotionally painful, along with distinct, novel guitar lines and a driving rhythm section, make Pizza Crunch one of Glasgow’s most exciting exports.

Celexa is out now on Disobedient Records.

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