PLAZAS unveils ‘Empathy EP’


Indie-electro-pop artist PLAZAS has released her brand new ‘Empathy EP’. The Vancouver-based artist teamed up with music publication IMPOSE to reveal the new EP. PLAZAS ‘Empathy EP’ is available now via NBD Label via digital download and cassette. You can take a listen to the EP via Soundcloud below.


“Occasionally there is that record that shakes you up in ways that make the borderlines between the familiar and foreign feel even thinner and more vague. Such is the case with the just released Empathy EP …  what initially began as a college project of Savana’s that creates a world of her very own where empathetic responses and feelings are treasured on a level of importance that has been otherwise reduced in many of our global communities. – Sjimon Gompers, IMPOSE

Empathy EP cover PLAZAS



Track list:
1. More than Words
2. Phenomena
3. Sanguinity
4. 2 Leave U Behind
5. Silent Empires



More about PLAZAS? Savana Salloum-Hedgecock, better known as PLAZAS, is a Vancouver-based producer who creates electro-pop music with dark undertones. She uses the name PLAZAS, as it depicts an idea of space and time, which relates directly to the sonic landscape she creates in her songs. Her intimate vocals combined with her own electronic soundscape place pop music in her own unique space and style.

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