Princess Century releases ‘Cosmic Minivan’

Princess Century press photo
Photo credit: Kate Young

Cosmic Minivan is the new hypnotic techno single from Berlin-Toronto producer Princess Century, aka Maya Postepski. The pulsating riff, creepy synth lines and a relentlessly throbbing beat evoke memories of long sweaty nights dancing in seedy clubs. The darkly erotic atmosphere of pain and pleasure will resonate among those familiar with Postepski’s work as co-writer in TR/ST. This is the first single lifted from Postepski’s upcoming album for release in early 2021, ‘Surrender’.  

The 1970s inspired music video features a seductive horror narrative with Postepski appearing as “The Killer.”  The video, directed by Laura Hypponen, was shot in Berlin and Thailand, on Super8mm film, in a bloody homage to the legendary Italian horror maestro, Dario Argento.

Watch Cosmic Minivan via YouTube below.

Maya Postepski is a Canadian producer, multi-instrumentalist, prolific remix artist and DJ from Toronto, currently based in Berlin. Best known as drummer of the electronic group Austra (Domino), in 2012 Postepski co-wrote and produced the highly acclaimed, Juno nominated cult album ‘TRST’ with Robert Alfons as TR/ST. The duo reunited to release their highly anticipated third album, ‘The Destroyer Part I and Part II’ in 2019.

Postepski performs solo now under the title Princess Century. She released her second full-length LP, ‘Progress,’ via Paper Bag Records in 2015. Her third solo album ‘Surrender’ will be released in 2021. It was written and recorded at two polarizing geographic locations- the snowy Narva Artist Residency on the border between Estonia and Russia, and the Sahara Desert, bordering Morocco and Algeria. 

“When I moved to Berlin last year I was sucked into the vortex of club music and afterhours experiences,” says Maya. “The raw eroticism and intensity of the night swept over me like a wave. I was overwhelmed. This track embodies this feeling.”

Cosmic Minivan Director Laura Hypponen also notes “When Maya played me the track, it made me dance, transporting me back to the 1990s when I first started going out to clubs. I immediately demanded to direct the video, bringing together my love for 1970s cult cinema and the mysterious ladies of nighttime Berlin.”