Project Piola – Socially conscience footwear

Introducing Project Piola which started after a random encounter in the Amazon Rainforest.
Assisted by the UN (USAID) and WWF, Piola are setting up a fair trade development project with Peruvian rubber and cotton producers to improve their way of life.

They have created a hybrid footwear product which is a cross between sneakers and dress shoes made with high quality, eco-friendly materials :

– Natural rubber from the Amazon Rainforest, Iberia, Peru.
– Organic Tanguïs Cotton from Ica, Peru.
– Premium Italian leather.


Piola will launch a campaign on March 14 to raise money for the project. Check them out on Kickstarter hereIt is an opportunity to set up the first development project to create a footwear line in 33 days from 33 rubber producers.

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piola ledge

Shipped in each box, there is a unique and personal password that you can enter on our website. This password will enable you to learn about every single producer they are backing in Peru. If you reinvest the 5.2 USD (4 euros) from your purchase, Piola will invest directly in the producer of your choice. Very cool indeed.

For more information on Piola, visit their Kickstarter account or

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