Retrofette shares dark dancey track ‘Photogenic’

Retrofette press photo

A dark bedroom. A face bathed in harsh blue light. An impending sense of dread. This scene is the backdrop for Photogenic, a dark indie dance track by synthpop group Retrofette. Photogenic is inspired by late night doomscroll sessions and the harsh juxtaposition on all of our Instagram feeds: images of the world apparently ending right above images of “photogenic hipster kids” selling you fruity bath bombs. The song mirrors this duality, a peppy house beat pairs with dark synthesizer lines. The falsetto vocals find Retrofette in a much more intimate and contemplative place than previous releases, but still features catchy earworm hooks typical of the group. Watch the video for Photogenic via YouTube below.

Retrofette knows that we’re all going through a thing right now, and thinks you should dance about it. Struggles with depression, dread, and anxiety are as much in their DNA as Grace Jones, Memphis Milano, synthesizers, and turtlenecks. The band’s recognition of the darkness in the world, and their unrelenting optimism in its face is what has endeared their danceable synthpop to audiences in their hometown, and across the country.