Sea Caves share new single ‘Dart’

Sea Caves press photo

Sea Caves have shared their latest single, Dart. The band identifies patterns and rhythms in ways few others can – not just in music, but in relationships and the shining resonances of daily life. They realize that atmospheres, crafted well and layered with care, can climb deep down inside you and hearten stronger connections to the stories they illustrate, fostering mysterious links and allowing listeners to melt right into the melodies.

In this endeavor, Sea Caves’ new track, Dart, is a big success. In a lavish and spangly expanse, layered nonetheless with bright optimism, singer Sydney Rohrs and writer Shiloh Halsey recognize the configurations of unstable relationships, people moving away, and the chilling acknowledgment of the memorable, but often bittersweet connections that linger over your head long after. It’s music that’s meant to be listened to with intent; it’s an experience – not just background noise. Take a listen via Soundcloud below.

Sea Caves’ latest single operates around the assumption that change is unsettling yet necessary. “You get into these rhythms,” says Halsey, “but when those rhythms start to dissolve, you look to find them and they’re just not there. So you learn to recognize and explore new ones.” Referencing the oddness of moving away from people in your life and learning to understand disconnection, Sea Caves acknowledges the strangeness of everything and gets excited to move forward.

Upcoming shows

November 16th // Portland, OR // Bunk Bar
December 7th // Seattle, WA // Cafe Racer