Secret Shame share gorgeous new single ‘Calm’

Secret Shame press photo

Secret Shame have shared their new single Calm. The track is the second song that the Asheville-based darkwave/post-punk band is sharing ahead of the release of their debut album Dark Synthetics’, which the acclaimed Texas punk band Portayal of Guilt is releasing via their imprint on September 6th (Bandcamp pre-order). The new single is a gorgeous, melodic post-punk track whose lyrics tackle the difficult subject matter of domestic abuse head-on. Take a listen via Youtube below.

Already drawing comparisons to iconic artists like The Cure and early Siouxsie and the Banshees, their sound resurrects the moody deathrock style that swept through the 80s, as their front-woman Lena’s captivating vocals cut through dark atmospheres created by the band’s gigantic, reverb-soaked sound, building to cathartic lyrical moments. The band is composed of a five-piece lineup featuring Ryynikki’s razor-sharp lead guitar melodies, drummer Nathan and bassist Matthew’s propulsive rhythm section and guitar/synth player Billie rounding out their synthesized galactic punk sound that perfectly back Lena’s exorcising vocal performance (Lena also handles all the band’s artwork).

On ‘Dark Synthetics,’ the band never holds back, unleashing both chaotic and calm moments that are equally destructive in message. The band create a safe space for you to get lost in – the kind where you’re free to contemplate and relate, taking each song’s essence and shaping it to fit your own life and experience. It’s a gothic punk sound not just to revel in, but to think critically through… something only carefully crafted music can do.

Upcoming tour dates

8/17 – Asheville, NC – Static Age Records (w/ The Mob)

9/07 – Raleigh, NC – Hopscotch Festival

9/16 – Asheville, NC – The Mothlight (album release show, w/ Thin Pigeon, Kangarot)