Secret Shame shares haunting acoustic version of ‘Dark’

Secret Shame press photo

Secret Shame have shared the gorgeous, haunting lo-fi acoustic version of their standout single Dark (buy/stream) that their fierce frontwoman Lena Machine recorded to include on their ‘Dark Synthetics’ Remix EP. The remix EP is out today, which coincides with the release of the first pressing of ‘Dark Synthetics’ on vinyl. Listen to the track via SoundCloud below.

The band unfortunately but obviously had to cancel their March/April tour in support of the vinyl release, so if you like what you hear and can spare $15, go buy a copy of the vinyl or snag some of their incredible merch (all their album art and shirt designs are hand-drawn by Lena) on Bandcamp. BONUS: you get a free digital copy of the remix EP if you buy the vinyl!

Featuring a dizzying array of different styled remixes, the remix EP includes reworks from XOR, SKNQTR, None of Your Concern, St. Sol, Kangarot and more, in addition to Lena’s acoustic rework of Dark. Their debut album ‘Dark Synthetics‘ came out in September 2019 (though this is the first pressing on vinyl). Their sound harkens back to the golden age of 4AD and dark, goth-inflected 80’s post-punk that’s reminiscent of Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Cure, while simultaneously carving out a razor-sharp sound distinctly their own. 

Secret Shame is based in Asheville and along with their captivating vocalist Lena (synths), the four-piece is rounded out by Billie (guitar/synth), Matthew (bass/synth) and drummer Nathan. ‘Dark Synthetics’ resurrects the moody deathrock style that swept through the 80s, as their frontwoman Lena’s exorcising vocals cut through the sonic atmosphere created by the band’s giant reverb-soaked sound, building to cathartic lyrical moments. Along with Dark, the album also spawned the undeniable post-punk singles Calm and Gift, any of which are excellent first tastes if you need an entry point.