Shady Nasty share video for ‘AA’

Shady Nasty press photo
Photo credit: Kazuya Yoshino

Shady Nasty have shared the video for their new track AA, which is lifted from their forthcoming EP ‘Bad Posture,’ out February 21st via Royal Mountain Records and Inertia Music. A brutal, relentless track, AA sees Shady Nasty at their most frantic – traversing a dark and ominous Sydney, breaking into buildings while encountering 3D rendered Big Macs, Monster energy drinks and spray-painted pizzas. Watch the video clip via YouTube below.

Directed by drummer Luca Watson, the band describe the song as “AA sees a band member speak to his declining mental health after a painful lung operation. Sinking untold hours into FPS and RPG video games during his recovery, his grip on reality begins to slip“.

The band will be appearing at New Colossus Festival and SXSW in March. Full details are below.

With backgrounds in jazz and classical music, Shady Nasty subvert expectations. Inspired by the likes of Show Me The Body, King Krule, Iceage, Low Life and Mount Kimbie, the Sydney trio play an energetic and weirdo breed of punk that skirts the boundaries of the genre.  Modding cars. Chinese heritage. Making ends meet. ‘Bad Posture’ explores these themes with a snarling, swaggering confidence, tackling the expectations placed on them by immigrant parents, revelling in the liberation of rebellion, all while facing mental health and addiction head on whilst railing against a city slowly being crushed by big business. 

Shady Nasty Bad Posture cover artwork

1. Jewellery
2. Get Buff
3. AA
4. 77SUNK

Shady Nasty’s ‘Bad Posture‘ is out via Royal Mountain Records and Inertia Music on February 21st. It’s available to pre-order here.

Tour dates
March 13th – New Colossus Festival – Pianos (3:45PM) – New York, NY
March 13th – New Colossus Festival – The Delancey (8:15PM) – New York, NY
March 16th – SXSW – Austin, TX