She’s Excited! shares collaborative A/V release ‘Shock Therapy’

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‘Shock Therapy’ is a powerful international collaboration, an immersive journey inwards that asks: “If I refuse to sleep, who’s gonna live my dreams?”

Dreams are very important for female producer She’s Excited! aka Anne Wichmann–ever since she can remember. This is how she learned important tools, transcended fears and still dives into magic worlds not found on the other side of sleep. Not surprising then that her dreams also bring her music.

Munich born, Brooklyn-based Dark Electronic artist/producer She’s Excited! is in the midst of a raucious creative burst, culminating in the release of her new Shock Therapy’ EP containing two originals and 3 collaborative remixes, coupled with a whopping five music videos to make it a visual EP.

While binge-watching the series “Community”, in a dream Donald Glover sang Anne a soothing song with angry lyrics, accompanied by an acoustic guitar. She got up in the middle of the night and started recording, changing the lyrics from fighting to healing and replacing the acoustic guitar with electronic sounds. The next morning she briefly wondered if she might get into copyright troubles with Childish Gambino, but with a wink decided that it had been her dream after all. Whole brings you some uplifting yet dark Electronica. Both the sound and the lyrics are about healing oneself by getting immersed in life and being happy for others rather than seeking fulfillment through comparing achievements. The original turned into a dance hit in a Nu Disco / House fashion after having been remixed by EDM producer Cameron Gary.

The single Add Clarity is a very energetic and dynamic dark electronic tune with heavy guitars–imagine Nine Inch Nails meet Aphex Twin and dance with Björk. Or simply think St. Vincent on acid. It bundles Anne’s raw emotions that she lived through during the NYC lockdown and the cultural and political events in the spring of 2020. The song talks about the wish to dig through all the confusion that is going on, online and offline, as well as embraces the fact that sometimes surrender is the only way out of the uncontrollable chaos that is life. The song was remixed by female producer Primitive Heart in a dark synth / old school Techno style. Watch the visuals and hear the Add Clarity Primitive Heart remix via YouTube below.

Primitive Heart is a synth-pop project by multi-genre producer & visual artist Dani Mari. Audiences across the world have gravitated towards Dani Mari’s beautifully haunting voice and simplistic elegant lyrics. Her ethereal vocals “seemingly casting a spell” and transport listeners to an era of nostalgia which exists within the depths of her soul.

International, interdisciplinary, interstellar: Bringing the EP to the next level, five outstanding artists from all over the globe created visuals in their own unique styles for the songs:

1. Add Clarity
2. Whole
3. Whole (Cameron Gary Remix)
4. Add Clarity (Trovarsi Live Modular Remix)
5. Add Clarity (Primitive Heart Remix)

Visual Tracklist:
1. Add Clarity – visuals by Erin Wajufos
2. Whole – visuals by Ix shells
3. Whole (Cameron Gary Remix) – visuals by Jay Tobin
4. Add Clarity (Trovarsi Live Modular Remix) – visuals by Chantal deFelice
5. Add Clarity (Primitive Heart Remix) – visuals by Copy Planet (Andy Wauman & Pablo Salafurka)  

More about She’s Excited!

She’s Excited! is the solo Indie Electronic Pop project of Brooklyn-based producer and powerhouse performer Anne Wichmann. With an appetite for intelligent and genre-bending music of icons like David Bowie and Björk as well as grooving Future Pop and Dark Electronica of artists like Billie Eilish, she listens to music defined by limitless imagination rather than genre. This bleeds into her versatile style of energetic and dark yet sparkling Electronica that she merges with empowering and uplifting words.

After having co-produced and co-written the ‘Star Wars: Dark Side EP’ with the producer Auralnauts in 2019, Anne started experimenting with creating music in Virtual Reality (Sound Stage VR & EXA) in early 2020. In May she released her groovy dark electronic EP ‘My Own Crazy’. Two months later she co-founded XRE (Extended Reality Ensemble), a collective of international interdisciplinary artists pioneering new bright meaningful works with a focus on technology to raise social awareness and solve real world problems.

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