Shigeto announces new mini-LP ‘Lineage’


Shigeto has announced his forthcoming mini-LP titled ‘Lineage,’ which is the follow up to the acclaimed ‘Full Circle’ full length from 2010. The release is set for a January 31, 2012 release via Ghostly International. The title track showcases Shigeto’s signature production style with a foundation in live instrumentation techniques. Zach Saginaw records under the name Shigeto – his middle name, his grandfather’s name and a tribute to the Japanese heritage.

MP3: Shigeto – Lineage

Shigeto Lineage
The front cover of ‘Lineage’ (see image on left) includes a photograph of Shigeto’s great grandfather’s house taken 1916 in Hiroshima, Japan while the LP/vinyl version of the back cover includes a photo of Shigeto Ohmura at the Amache Internment Camp in Grenada, Colorado after his family was transferred from Tule Lake Internment Camp. Saginaw is clear about the ancestral motivation referenced on the eight instrumentals on ‘Lineage’ and delivers a masterpiece of sound and emotions.


Track list:
Lineage (Prologue)
Ann Arbor Parts 3 & 4
A Child’s Mind
Huron River Drive
Field Day
Please Stay

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