Silver Moth share video for ‘The Eternal’

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With their debut album ‘Black Bay’ due out April 21 via Bella Union, Silver Moth have shared a powerful and beautifully shot video for current single The Eternal featuring the actor Kate Dickie (Game Of Thrones, Red Road, The VVitch). Directed by Stuart Alexander and featuring Silver Moth members Elisabeth Elektra and Stuart Braithwaite, you can check out the video via YouTube below.

Commenting on the video, vocalist and musician Elisabeth Elektra says: “When director Stuart Alexander and I were discussing the video for The Eternal we kept coming back to idea of the cyclical nature of life. When I was writing The Eternal it was very soon after my dear friend Alanna had died. Stuart Alexander asked me a lot about Alanna, and felt he really got to know her through our conversations. He then came up with the beautiful idea of a surrealistic interpretation of someone’s life flashing before their eyes, culminating in rebirth. We were really honoured that Kate Dickie was up for playing the lead role in the video as we are all big fans of her work. Kate did an incredible job alongside several other fantastically talented Scottish actors. The weather on shoot day was typically Scottish, wild and unpleasant, but everyone was so up for it, accommodating and positive about the project and the meaning behind it. Which we are all very grateful for. Alanna loved wild and stormy beach weather so I’m certain she was there, amused by the chaos of the shoot. I hope she would have loved the resulting video as much as we do.”

Stuart Alexander adds: “It’s always hard memorializing someone in a video, especially someone as unique as I’m told Alanna was. Wherever she is, I hope she got a laugh watching us trying to film during a storm. Kate Dickie signed herself up for a gruelling shoot with heaps of curiosity and compassion for the subject matter. She’s one of the finest actors alive and a wonderful human being.”

Silver Moth Black Bay cover artwork
’Black Bay’ track list

1. Henry
2. The Eternal
3. Mother Tongue
4. Gaelic Psalms
5. Hello Doom 
6. Sedna

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