Sleeping Bag’s Dave Segedy announces solo album ‘Schrodego’

Dave Segedy

Dave Segedy, founder and lead vocalist of Bloomington, IN band Sleeping Bag, will release his new solo album, ‘Schrodego,’ on March 10 via Old Flame Records and on cassette via Jurassic Pop Records. For a preview of the record, you can stream fuzzed-out track Walk Around via Soundcloud below.


After recording three albums with Sleeping Bag, all released via Joyful Noise, Segedy set out to work on a record that would give him complete creative control. His goal with ‘Schrodego’ was to create a bare-bones rock album that was both raw and poppy, with equal parts fuzz and melody. Recording each track in just one or two takes and double tracking vocals, drums, and distorted bass, he compiled a collection of songs seeped in his signature slacker-rock vibe, bookended by frenzied drum solos to open & close the record.

Schrodego Dave Segedy

Track listing:

1. Kevin Durant
2. Dillon’s Quest
3. Car
4. Uncle Doug
5. Summer School
6. Glock
7. Logan’s Run
8. Walk Around
9. Perry’s Turn
10. Aaron’s Beat


You can pre-order Schrodego on cassette via Jurassic Pop Records’ webstore.

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