Sleepy noise rockers why sun release Frugte EP

why sun press photo

Copenhagen’s trio why sun have released their ‘Frugte‘ EP. Even though the release could appear to some as too introverted if it was delivered as a full-length album, the form of an EP does it justice and gives it the lightness that highlights why sun’s talent, taking just the right amount of a listener’s time. You can steam the EP via Soundcloud below.

The release is led by two stunning singles, Eastern Love and Traffic, which calmly execute the trio’s vision and at the same time, slowly but surely introduce listeners to the band’s unique, atmospheric rock compositions. Watch the video for Eastern Love via YouTube below.

Completed by dreamy Heart of the Moon, revealing itself slowly Blind, and the closing track Singapore (by Night), ‘Frugte’ EP is a brilliant statement in why sun’s career; a beautiful example of this sleepy noise sound that the band represents.