Slop-Pop Band Kissing Party shares ‘Jimmy Dean’ video

Kissing Party
Photo Credit: Eric David Lough

Denver’s trash-pop princesses Kissing Party have just released their new album, ‘Mom & Dad’. Now, they’ve shared the video for the track Jimmy Dean. Deirdre from the band explains the song “is about being stalked around the neighborhood by creeps, feeling unsafe in ‘safe spaces’ & what it’s like being ‘the girl in the band’ in 2019 when it feels like women’s rights are stuck in 1819.” Watch the video via YouTube below.

This follows previous singles Wasted Worlds Apart, Jesse and A Little Star from the album. Kissing Party continues to portray the moments of small town life; finding yourself, finding others, making it through the day. The combination of airy, wistfully hopeful lyrics and jangly, crunchy guitars make for a perfect encapsulation of the DIY indie sound. This brand of endearing, authentic slop-pop is what Kissing Party is now known for, and dives back into with a new rush on their album ‘Mom & Dad’.
More about Kissing Party?
After prematurely booking his first show without actually having a band yet, Gregg Dolan only had thirty days to pull together the slop-pop band he had been dreaming about ever since he first saw Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ at eight years old. Comprised of a rag-tag group of strangers, Dolan (vocals, guitar) says that Kissing Party met “by fate.” Singer Deidre Sage was recruited on the basis that “her name sounded cool,” their first guitarist, “a random guy who worked at the bank” was recruited because he owned a guitar, and drummer Shane Reid joined reluctantly despite having never heard any of Dolan’s songs. The Denver based five-piece was complete once Joe Hansen replaced the banker on guitar, and Lee Evans added the bass.

After their first year in Denver’s DIY scene, the group’s unique brand of self-described “Slop Pop” quickly cemented them as a local staple. Kissing Party’s first release ‘Rediscover Lovers’ came in at number three on The Denver Post’s best albums list. After their Sophomore LP ‘The Hate Album’ received attention from national outlets like Three Imaginary Girls and Filter, plus airplay from the likes of KEXP, they signed with local Denver label Hot Congress who released Wasters WallLooking Back it was Romanticbut at the Time I was Suffocating (which also received a limited tape release from Austin’s Fleeting Youth Records) and Christmas album, Winter in the Pub. In 2017 they released their most recent EP– and their last with Hot Congress– a split with labelmates Bleak Plaza.

Kissing Party’s album ‘Mom & Dad’ serves as the inaugural release for the band’s own label, BBYV — a  Kickstarter effort that pooled over $5000 from dedicated fans. Consisting of twelve, power-pop gems that range from boozy ballads to two-minute pop symphonies, ‘Mom & Dad’ feels, for Dolan, like a 31-minute opus– “everything [he’s] ever wanted to say in a record.” From Ohio basements to grey Pennsylvania days, these songs are an ode to suburban life, and extension and elevation of the band’s scrappy, DIY, day-to-day– debt, regret, heartbreak, hair-dye, and all.

Kissing Party Mom & Dad cover artwork