Sloppy Jane launches campaign to go to the Moon

Sloppy Jane press photo

L.A. based musician Haley Dahl, aka Sloppy Jane, has launched a social media campaign to be chosen for a civilian mission to the Moon via dearMoon Project, a Space-X affiliate who will be choosing eight brave civilians to venture to the Moon.

Their hope for this missions is to choose eight creatives who have something important to say, who’s ideas could be forwarded by space travel. Watch one of the dearMoon video clips.

The dearMoon project is a lunar tourism mission and art project conceived and financed by Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa. It will make use of a SpaceX Starship on a private spaceflight flying a single circumlunar trajectory around the Moon. The passengers will be Maezawa, 8 civilians, and one or two crew members. The project was unveiled in September 2018 and the flight is expected to occur no earlier than 2023.

For more information on the dearMoon project, visit

More about Sloppy Jane

For the past 7 years Haley has fronted LA/NYC based experimental/punk outfit, Sloppy Jane. Known for a rotating cast of characters on stage and an enigmatic stage presence, Sloppy Jane has played shows with Better Oblivion Community Center, Deerhoof and more.

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