Sneakpeek release ‘Serendipity’ single

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Sneakpeek return with new single Serendipity, to announce their long-awaited sophomore album, ‘Scene Within A Dream,’ for a June 2 release. Discussing, Sneakpeek’s Dora Hiller noted, “Inspired by the teachings of Abraham Hicks and Yogananda, ‘Serendipity’ is about the magic of synchronicity and how the universe sends us messages if we are willing to notice the signs.” Watch the video for Serendipity via YouTube below.

Hiller and Aric Bohn reemerged last autumn with the single, Dreams That You Discarded, time away focusing their creative energies on other mediums. The duo had released their self-titled debut album in 2013 via Burger Records, with the LA Times hailing it as a, “noisy nine-track album offering up heavy, druggy guitar riffs that’d make Kurt Vile (or Lou Reed) proud.” 

While that record combined elements of dream pop with grungy, garage-rock sludge, Dreams That You Discarded pointed to a new direction in the duo’s material, with one foot in abstract avant-garde and another foot firmly rooted within the sensibilities of new wave and disco embedded with strands of mutant DNA. Surrounded by walls of synthesizers and vintage drum machines in their Glassell Park home studio, Dora and Aric leaned into their psychedelic abandonments, taking them out on the dance floor.

Sneakpeek Scene Within A Dream cover artwork

Scene Within A Dream’ track list

01. Serendipity
02. Dreams That You Discarded
03. Natural Phenomena
04. Strawberry Reality
05. Green Light
06. Underdog
07. Wanted To Try
08. Places
09. Like A Movie
10. Take What You Can Get
11. Game Face
12. Heaven’s Funhouse
13. Milky Blue
14. Happy Go Lucky

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