Sonic Boom shares visuals for ‘Tawkin Techno’

Sonic Boom press photo
Credit: Agata Xavier

To coincide with the release of his much anticipated LP ‘All Things Being Equal,’ Peter Kember, aka Sonic Boom, has debuted a new video for Tawkin Techno. The new track comes after singles Just Imagine, The Way That You Live, and Things Like This (A Little Bit Deeper).

Tawkin Techno’s visuals, created by JP from Special Cases, dive deep into molecular biology – blood cells, synapses, and strands of DNA take center stage as the music chatters and builds. As these molecules wriggle and divide, a modern dance routine is superimposed against them, paralleling the micro with the macro. It all plays into ‘All Things Being Equal’’s exploration of the interconnectedness of all forms of matter. Watch the video clip for Tawkin Techno via YouTube below.

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2020’s ‘All Things Being Equal’ updates the Sonic Boom discography with a second solo LP, and his first for Carpark Records – home to several artists Kember has produced and mixed for in the past.

Through regenerative stories told backwards and forwards, Kember explores dichotomies both zen and fearsome, reverential of his analog toolkit and protective of the plants and trees that support our lives. It urges one to be macro-comprehensive and micro-incisive, to respond deliberately and effectively at this critical time in the history of humanity.

An unusually curated gear list accompanies each song, unexpected layers reinforcing the monophonic skeletons with pacing basslines oscillating into warbling heartbeats. Mysterious soundscapes and grinding sweeps were teased from EMS synths, synonymous with and evocative of ‘60s BBC Radiophonic scoring and ‘70s Eno. 

With ‘All Things Being Equal,’ Sonic Boom once again offers us a new way to listen, with music that is textural, full of dimension, and conscious of its place in the galaxy.

Sonic Boom All Things Being Equal cover artwork

‘All Things Being Equal’ track list

1. Just Imagine
2. Just a Little Piece of Me
3. Things Like This (A Little Bit Deeper)
4. Spinning Coins and Wishing on Clovers
5. My Echo, My Shadow and Me
6. On a Summer’s Day
7. The Way That You Live
8. Tawkin Techno
9. I Can See Light Bend
10. I Feel a Change Coming On

$1 from every album sold will be donated to environmental advocacy organization Earth Island.

More about Sonic Boom?

Peter Kember’s music career began with the formation of Spacemen 3, which he co-founded in 1982 with Jason Pierce (Spiritualized). As the influential psych-soul band dissolved, Kember then debuted Sonic Boomwith 1990’s Spectrum. Poppy psychedelia with lo-fi edges and distinctive vocals marked Kember’s departure from his original group. His new solo work hinted at the self-taught experimentation, circuit bending, and interest in modular synthesis that would hallmark his career as a producer and performer. Soon enough, Spectrum gave rise to a band of the same name, who toured extensively and recorded several records, including a joint effort with Silver Apples. Next, Kember got busy with E.A.R., an even more experimental and prolific project with a fluctuating lineup that counted among its many members Kevin Shields and electronic music trailblazer Delia Derbyshire, who mentored Kember in audio physics and harmonic series. 

The Sonic Boom name has remained in use by Kember throughout his career as both a performer and producer, working with many other influential artists including MGMT, Beach House, and Panda Bear. ‘All Things Being Equal’ arrives in 2020 to ice the cake of Kember’s long and purposeful journey through the years.