Sonic Soundscapes release atmospheric instrumental track ‘Flat Figure Eight’

Sonic Soundscapes

Sonic Soundscapes is a musical project, begun in 2015, by Eric Bessel and Laura Mariposa. They’re an extension of the group, Lore City who have released two albums, ‘Kill Your Dreams’ (via 1980 Records and Already Dead Tapes, 2014), and ‘Absence & Time’ (via Already Dead Tapes, 2013). Eric and Laura are American visual artists, designers, and musicians who live and work in Portland, Oregon. Their focus is to build a portfolio of atmospheric instrumental compositions with cinematic environments in mind.

Now, they’ve released a new track, Flat Figure Eight, and you can take a listen via Soundcloud below.

The artwork for Flat Figure Eight features Chicago artist Elsa Muñoz from Cerro, 2014, 30″x36″, oil on panel. You can see it on their website –