Sonny shares sludgy Kris Baha rework of album track ‘Liquid Phase’

Sonny press photo

Copenhagen-based producer and Australian native,  Sonny, moved from his hometown, Melbourne all the way to Scandinavia in search of new sounds. With a background in psychedelic rock, he found his feet in the light, mellifluous sounds of Scandinavian house and ambient, his fresh interpretation of this rich palette is wrapped up in forthcoming album project,  ’Union: Integration of the Shadow’.  

Presenting influences that fall outside of classic house realms, he has shared a sludgy EDM-style rework of album track  Liquid Phase from his good friend, Kris Baha. Listen to the track via Bandcamp below.

Having also made a similar long-distance move from Melbourne to base himself in Berlin, Kris Baha has established himself as a burgeoning name, with his attuned EBM and Industrial works via the likes of Pinkman  and  Cocktail D’Amore. 
Bringing with it drum and bass sensibilities in a downtempo format, Liquid Phase also nods to the psych-rock roots of Sonny. Kris Baha stays true to form on his version with punchy, clattering EBM arrangements that set the tone, before marrying the melodic flourishes of Sonny’s original with frenetic, siren-esque elements. 

Sonny ‘Liquid Phase’ (Kris Baha remix) is out now via Northern Underground Records