SpaceAcre release debut EP ‘Overthrown’

SpaceAcre press photo

Alt-pop duo SpaceAcre have just released their debut EP titled ‘Overthrown’. It’s a powerful, sometimes haunting and often beautiful 5-track offering weaving audio and visual elements to create a wholly immersive experience as evident on previous singles Landslides, So, I’ll Run On, Way Over and the current vérité styled video for Overthrown.

The band say“Overthrown is the final track we wrote for the EP and it started from a bass riff. When we were writing the song, there was a really cool moment where we spontaneously sang two interlocking melody lines at exactly the same time, which then became the chorus. We still don’t know which of the two parts is the lead line. The song is about narcissistic personalities. We all know at least one person who’s completely out for themselves, and sometimes, if you are too close to them, you don’t realise how much they are taking from you until you’ve got nothing left to give.”

Listen to Overthrown via YouTube below.

SpaceAcre formed by complete accident in mid 2019 while its members, Phoebe Little (lead vocals, guitar, keys) and Jas Scott (vocals, bass, synths, cello), were at a writing camp in Normandy. Producer James Sanger (Brian Eno, The Cure) arranged the collaboration after he was sent a recording of Phoebe’s voice by a friend. Scott’s obsession with electronica, cinematic music and unusual time signatures combined with Little’s love of strong melodies, introspective lyrics and story-telling come together to form an unlikely synthesis. 

They explain: “The EP evolved from our first track Landslides as we gradually discovered our sound and started to push our creative process, playing with different starting points and approaches. We love being in the studio with James as the vibe and energy are amazing and you never know when a moment of manic inspiration is about to hit. It’s an EP that is close to our hearts as some of these stories are pretty personal. It’s mainly about conflict; internal battles, prejudice and complex relationships.”

‘Overthrown’ EP track listing
  1. Overthrown
  2. I Thought You’d Never Ask
  3. So, I’ll Run On
  4. Way Over
  5. Landslides

The pair have an unusual approach to songwriting, often starting with an obscure string loop of Jas’ creation and together writing the song in response to it. With influences ranging from Goldfrapp, Little Dragon and Jeff Buckley to The Weepies, their sound is a blend of strings, driving riffs, layers of synths and electronic beats contrasted with pure vocals, strong melodies and close harmonies. Phoebe’s voice effortlessly switches between moments of gutsy abandon and heart wrenching vulnerability.

Jas is an identical twin and one of seven sisters. When her twin went off to dance college to become a ballet dancer, Jas conversely went to study Fine Art, but during her studies joined her first band and at that point realised that music was what she wanted to do. She finished the course, then went on to study music, but still makes art installations in her bedroom. Phoebe had ambitions to become a pro footballer until she was given her first electric guitar, but she can still do 100 keepie-uppies and always takes a football with her when travelling. The band have a mutual love of Sci-Fi, in particular the film ‘The Fifth Element’, and readily admit they will die happy if one of SpaceAcre’s songs ever gets synced in a Sci-Fi movie.

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