Sporting Life share video for latest single ‘Spoil Yr Party’

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San Francisco-based indie quintet, Sporting Life, has released the video for Spoil Yr Party, which is lifted from their upcoming ‘Rivalry’ LP, out on March 10, 2015. The eleven tracks on the record draw heavily on their Brit-pop influences making the debut short and punchy, full of lush layers and instrumental hooks.

Sporting Life’s Andrew Gomez explains more about Spoil Yr Party: “The song is about the futile fight against a mundane existence: the “get up, eat, go to work, go back to bed” life. We like to think we are one big break away from escaping the average. In truth, it requires some real bravery, so many of us (& certainly I) do what the narrator does in the chorus / second verse: drink his face off, act obnoxiously at parties, surround himself with diversions, and act like he’s smarter than everyone else. It’s a celebration of the fleeting. The footage is taken from a 1980 documentary called Skateboard Madness that featured a bit on the popularity of roller-skating. The footage makes it easy to be taken in. it seems like a short documentary on a fantastic time that never existed.” Watch Spoil Yr Party below via Vimeo.

More about Sporting Life? Juxtaposing overlaying guitars, synthesizers and vocal harmonies, Sporting Life creates lush soundscapes for the disaffected. They craft a mood of righteous indignation, reminiscent of the punk aesthetic, but with a pop sensibility it presents uproarious declarations of love and beauty in an otherwise hollow and cynical world.

Rivalry cover
Meticulously recorded in their practice space at LightRail Studios in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco, the band broke just about every studio “rule” in order to craft their wall of sound on ‘Rivalry’. After recording double and triple layers of each guitar, the band then filled in the drums and additional instruments. The sonic textures are clear in tracks such as Spoil yr Party and Tsunami. The album, mixed by Phil Manley at Lucky Cat in San Francisco, comes together in a cyclical fashion, bringing every note to the surface.

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