Stereodove share ‘Madonna’ video

Stereodove press photo

Long Beach punk misfits Stereodove have shared their brand new music video for their dystopian single Madonna. The video, directed by Ian Matthews, is largely a comment on the negative effects of social media in modern-day America. Here, we see a dancer performing an extensive routine in a futuristic social media network. Though she is initially well received by her audience, she makes a misstep, for which she is abhorred. The video ends with a shot of a new viewer, watching the dancer, and realizing it’s their turn. This is their eerie commentary on the dangers of social media. Watch the video clip via YouTube.

To create the monochromatic world of the video, the dance sequences, band footage, and character moments with the dancer were shot in a studio with stark white walls. All characters, as well as the band, wore mundane athletic wear, which were in white and grey tones to suggest a sense of de- individualization. The wardrobe, as well as the use of larger screens as a platform of social media, were chosen to create a slightly futuristic atmosphere. This was to insist on the increasingly digital nature of modern society.  “As is common in entertainment, there is an ever changing fascination with the next, up and coming “It” artist, and many artists once cherished are forgotten or devalued with time. Such is the case on a more personal level between individuals as old relationships fade. Thus, the struggle with identity in the context of the entertainment field and in the context of relationships is touched upon by this title referencing the seminal pop star. Still, whether or not things change and new artists are praised and the old are forgotten, Madonna will always be the queen.” – Stereodove

Beginning as the brainchild of vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Jason Ledesma during his college years, the first complete incarnation of the alternative pop-rock band Stereodove was born in 2018 with the addition of lead guitarist and keyboardist Cameron Good and bass guitarist Brian Bello. They began playing local shows in the southern California area, opening for such acts as Matt Embree (of Rx Bandits) and performing with actress and singer Olivia Rodrigo.

They later released their first collection of songs, ‘Body Electric’, which Ledesma had recorded and produced in his home. The album, including the track Madonna, was mixed by Dan Konopka (drummer of OK Go) and mastered by Joe LaPorta (David Bowie – “Blackstar”, Foo Fighters – “Wasting Light”, The Killers – “Battle Born”). Stereodove, a group of misfits diverse in musical background, race, and gender, writes songs from a place of “otherness” and melancholy, often blending the colorful melodies of pop and electronic music with the raw spirit of indie and emo rock.