Street art scene – Berlin, Germany

Since the reunification of Berlin, the city has become one of Europe’s top street art locations. Interesting / unique post-communist locations, cheap rent and derelict buildings gave rise to a vibrant street art scene in Berlin. The most interesting areas to view street art in the city include Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.

On my visit to the city and search for interesting works, I discovered a number of cool pieces while walking through Berlin’s streets. They are included below and when possible, I referenced the artist and location under the picture.

Astronaut by Ash – Kreuzberg

Hooded sitting character by an unknown artist – beneath the Oberbaumbrücke



Cat With Glasses by Alias – Friedrichshain
Green Faceless Hooded Character by Alias – Friedrichshain
Boy With Backpack by Alias – Friedrichshain
Bullshit Bag by Alias – Friedrichshain
Obama – I Love War by St8ment – East Side Gallery

Backjump 2007 by Blu – Kreuzberg
Berlin (Left) and Planet Prozess (Right) by Blu – Kreuzberg


I loved this defacing of a political poster – Mitte


Barcode at the East Side Gallery by unknown artist
This one was bad street art, but made me laugh so it made it into this post.
Saw this stencil throughout Mitte – not sure who is responsible.



This one of a business man located in Mitte unfortunately was covered up by another graffiti artist

A stairwell in Mitte accessed through an alley behind Cinema Bar was literally covered in street art

Banksy visited the Berlin in 2004 and created a number of works in Mitte and Kreuzberg (you can see a map here) but unfortunately most have since been removed. As well, a very well-known street artist in Berlin is Prost. His most famous character is the smiling face seen around the city. There is an exhibit of his work at the West Berlin Gallery titled The Street Never Ends, The Art Never Dies through Sept 17, 2011.

The Stroke Art Fair, which had its Berlin debut last October, is a new fair for street art that drew thousands of visitors and street artists from all over the world.

*All photographs included in this post are property of Culture Addicts. Please do not use without permission.

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